What are your top three desert island must haves?

My next book is entitled “Morning Belle.” The name was twisted and lifted from a Radiohead album, Kid A, released in October of 2000.  When I first heard the album the music was so chaotic it gave me a headache. But after several listens (unavoidable with my son, Rian, a teenager at the time, being a huge Radiohead fan) the songs were imprinted into my consciousness. Since then, Kid A would qualify as one of my top three “Lost on a Desert Island” must haves, along with OK Computer (Radiohead) and Who’s Next (The Who.) The balance of the albums--I get ten don’t I?-- will have to wait for another time, because if I think about it too much, Who’s Next is already getting jostled out of place by Avalon (Roxy Music) and Simple Things (Zero 7.)

When Morning Belle was crystalizing in my head the Kid A album just seemed to uncannily fit to the story line. I’m sure my ancestors, who I’m writing about, would find the music unpalatable, crazy even. But the music tells a story; ten songs wrapped in innocence, drama, chaos, release, and yearning, all of which clearly resonated to me