Music is my muse.  The Avalon 

Spotify Playlist is under the Avalon page. Enjoy! 

Below is the complete playlist. All of this music is available through iTunes.

{Chapter One} Morning Sun

Nature’s Way {Spirit 1970}

Dirty Deeds {AC/DC 1976}

Green Eyed Lady {Sugarloaf 1970}

Life In The Fast Lane {Eagles 1976}

Hotel California {Eagles 1976}

{Chapter Two} Las Brisas

Turn The Page {Bob Seger 1976}

Behind Blue Eyes {The Who 1971}

Stone Free {The Jimi Hendrix Experience 1969}

Can’t Find My Way Home {Blind Faith 1969}

In The Air Tonight {Phil Collins 1981}

{Chapter Three} Estrella de la Tarde

The Way You Make Me Feel {Michael Jackson 1987*}

Billie Jean {Michael Jackson 1982}

Stayin’ Alive {Bee Gees 1977}

All She Wants To Do Is Dance {Don Henley 1984}

Oh Pretty Woman {Van Halen 1982}

{Chapter Four} Bahia Vista

Invisible Touch {Genesis 1986*}

Anything She Does {Genesis 1986*}

{Chapter Five} Rio del Paraiso

Guinevere {Crosby, Stills and Nash 1969}

Sweet Dreams {Eurythmics 1983}

No Reply At All {Genesis 1981}

{Chapter Six} Calor de la Noche

Panama {Van Halen 1984}

Give A Little Bit {Supertramp 1977}

Addicted To Love {Robert Palmer 1986*}

{Chapter Seven} El Rey de las Palmas

That Girl {Stevie Wonder 1981}

{Chapter Eight} Fiesta de la Flores

Time Out Of Mind {Steely Dan 1980}

One On One {Hall and Oates 1982}

Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic {The Police 1981}

{Chapter Nine} Fiesta de la Luna

Avalon {Roxy Music 1982}

Back In The Saddle {Aerosmith 1977}

Lady Of The Island {Crosby, Stills and Nash 1969}

{Chapter Ten} Cambio de Arenas

Head Over Heels {Tears for Fears 1985}

Runnin’ With The Devil {Van Halen 1977}

{Chapter Eleven} Viento de la Montana

Take The Long Way Home {Supertramp 1979}

Isn’t It Time {The Babys 1977}

Take A Chance With Me {Roxy Music 1982}

Best Of Both Worlds {Van Halen 1986*}

{Chapter Twelve} Luna de Limon

Over The Hills And Far Away {Led Zeppelin 1973}

In The Evening {Led Zeppelin 1979}

More Than This {Roxy Music 1982}

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight {Genesis 1986*}

{Chapter Thirteen} Amor en la Sombra

One Of These Nights {Eagles 1975}

Leather And Lace {Stevie Nicks and Don Henley 1981}

{Chapter Fourteen} Bailarines de la Mesa

Won’t Get Fooled Again {The Who 1971}

Would I Lie To You {Eurthymics 1985}

Tiny Dancer {Elton John 1971}

Gold Dust Woman {Fleetwood Mac 1977}

Needle And The Damage Done {Neil Young 1972}

{Chapter Fifteen} Camino Hacia el Paraiso

Heart And Soul {Huey Lewis and the News 1983}

{Chapter Sixteen} Los Amantes de la Puesta del Sol

You’ll Accomp’ny Me {Bob Seger 1980}

{Chapter Seventeen} Musica de la Luna

In Too Deep {Genesis 1986}

{Chapter Eighteen} El Deseo de Engano

Angry Eyes {Loggins and Messina 1972}

49 Bye-Byes {Crosby, Stills and Nash 1969}

Throwing It All Away {Genesis 1986*}

Save It For Later {The English Beat 1982}

Separate Ways Worlds Apart {Journey 1983}

{Chapter Nineteen} Calle Sucias

The Main Thing {Roxy Music 1982}

It’s All Mixed Up {The Cars 1978}

I Don’t Care Anymore {Phil Collins 1982}

{Chapter Twenty} Cali Cocodrilo

The Brazilian {Genesis 1986*}

Crumblin’ Down {John Mellencamp 1983}

Long Time Gone {Crosby, Stills and Nash 1969}

{Chapter Twenty One} Cielo Sucio

Run Like Hell {Pink Floyd 1979}

Bullet The Blue Sky {U2 1987*}

Stranglehold {Ted Nugent 1975}

Domino {Genesis 1986*}

Against All Odds {Phil Collins 1984}

So Begins The Task {Stephen Stills 1972}

{Chapter Twenty Two} Lost Bridges

You Don’t Have To Cry {Crosby, Stills and Nash 1969}

Who’s Crying Now {Journey 1981}

{Chapter Twenty Three} Dawn

The Christmas Blues {Dean Martin 1966}

{Chapter Twenty Four} New Year’s Storm

Helplessly Hoping {Crosby, Stills and Nash 1969}

Landslide {Fleetwood Mac 1975}

Maybe Your Baby {Stevie Wonder 1972}

Long Distance Runaround {Yes 1971}

The Rain Song {Led Zeppelin 1973}

Drive {The Cars 1984}

Only The Lonely {The Motels 1981}

{Chapter Twenty Five} Dressing for Weather

Suddenly Last Summer {The Motels 1983}

Everywhere I Go {The Call 1986*}

{Chapter Twenty Six} Hot Wind Rising

Dirty Laundry {Eagles 1982}

Turn It On Again {Genesis 1980}

{Chapter Twenty Seven} Big Creek Cracks

Ten Years Gone {Led Zeppelin 1975}

Every Breath You Take {The Police 1983}

{Chapter Twenty Eight} An Angel’s Education

Open Arms {Journey 1981}

{Chapter Twenty Nine} Dancing with the Devil

Head Like A Hole {Nine Inch Nails 1989*}

{Chapter Thirty} Butterfly Queen

In Your Eyes {Peter Gabriel 1986*}

{Chapter Thirty One} Magnolia Home

Best of My Love {Eagles 1974}

When It’s Love {Van Halen 1988*}

{Chapter Thirty Two} Royal Road

Solsbury Hill {Peter Gabriel 1977}

Love Song {Elton John 1971}

* The novel ends in 1985, but some songs were just so perfect, I couldn’t help but include them.