Margarita Monday!

We celebrated a wonderful Memorial Day with our beach buddies. One of our neighbors planted small American flags in the sand to remind us of those courageous men and women who serve, and those who have given everything for our liberty. We surfed the ducks (more on that someday) and had a fabulous tri-tip dinner on the beach.  Kicking off the afternoon is a recipe I'll share below.

Lee's Doctored Margaritas: 

3 bottles of Margarita mix (I used Jose Cuervo original 1.75liter) 

1 bottle of Tequila (I used Jose Cuervo Especial Tequila Gold 1.75liter) 

1/2 cup simple syrup*  (recipe below)

1/4 cup Cointreau

1/4 cup Triple Sec

the juice of 4 fresh limes

Add all ingredients into a large jug. Stir and taste. Add lots of ice and more sliced limes for garnish. 


* Simple Syrup (and it really is simple)

1 cup sugar

2 cups water

Stir sugar and water together over medium heat for at least 30 minutes until slightly thickened.  Let cool.   

Simple syrup can be refrigerated (I use a glass jar) and used in iced tea, other drinks, etc. 


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